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Quran and Tajweed lessons – Al-Forqan

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Quran and Tajweed lessons

About the Quran Program

Quran and Mutoon of Tajweed

Markaz Al Furqan allows the students to learn Tajweed and how to read the Noble Quran with help from a group of professional Quran teachers that have acquired certification in Hafs and the other 9 recitations.

This study entails the following:

  1. Correcting the pronunciation of the student so he can read the Book of Allah correctly
  2. A schedule to review what has been previously memorized
  3. The new homework that is to be memorized will be read to the teacher. The teacher will correct the pronunciation so the student memorizes the verses properly for the next lesson

Tajweed rules for beginners are taught in two levels, each level contains 18 hours of study