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Program details – Al-Forqan

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Program details

Program Details

The Arabic Program

The Arabic Program consists of 14 levels of study that is completed in 28 semesters, each semester is one month (4 weeks).
Here is some basic information about each level of The Arabic Program:

Example of ExplanationSample of BookContent Level
VideoDownload ExampleThis level contains the Alphabet, Proper pronunciation, Vowel Sounds, Mudood, Tanween, Lam Shamsiyah and Qamariyah, a large number of vocabulary words and an abundance of practice exercisesMuqadimah Alif
VideoDownload ExampleThe Family, The House, The restaurant, The Masjid, The StreetReadingMuqadimah Baa
VideoDownload ExampleCategories of words, Masculine/Feminine, Asma-Ishara, Pronouns connected/Disconnected, Tools for asking questionsGrammar
VideoDownload ExampleThe Family, The House, The restaurant, The Masjid, The StreetReading
VideoDownload ExampleCategories of words, Masculine/Feminine, Asma-Ishara, Pronouns connected/Disconnected, Tools for asking questionsGrammar
VideoDownload ExampleDifferent ways to travel (The Bus – The Train – The Plane) Visiting the Sick, In the Restaurant, In the KitchenReadingTamheedi Alif
VideoDownload ExampleIndefinite, Definite, Mudaf/Mudaf elay, Huroof Al-Jar, Al-Alam, Dirrerent types of Alif and Lam, Asma Al-MowsulahGrammar
VideoDownload ExampleMeeting the Teacher, A Medical Examination, In the Hotel, Family Day, Around the WorldReadingTamheedi Baa
VideoDownload ExampleNominal Sentence (Subject, Predicate)
Verbal Sentence ( Subject, Verb, Object)
VideoDownload ExampleThe Visa Center, The Weather, The Zoo, Exercise and Body BiuldingReadingLevel 1
VideoDownload ExampleThe Signs of Nouns and Verbs, Hamaza at the end of the word, Hamza al-Wasl, Kana wa Akhawatuha, Enna wa Akhawatuha Grammar
VideoDownload ExampleThe Search for a wife, The Search for an apartment, The Shopping Center, The Marriage ParadeReadingLevel 2
Al-E’rab wa al-Binaa in Nouns and VerbsGrammar
The Fox and The RoosterPoetry
VideoDownload ExampleNew and Old ways of Communication, The Internet and High-Speed Communication, Ramadan: The Month of GoodnessReadingLevel 3
Mamnu’ men-as-Sarf, Al-Asma al-Khmsa, Al-Hamza al-MutawasataGrammar
The Call of Death (Abu Ishaac Al-Albeery)Poetry
An Intro to Sarf, The Scales of Sarf, Al-Mujrad wa Al-Mazeed wa Saheeh wa Mu’tellMorphology
VideoDownload ExampleThe Kingdom of Sulayman, The Trail of Money(Surat al-Qalam), Arabic ExpressionsReadingLevel 4
Al-Mafu’ul, Al-Mafu’ul al-MutlaqGrammar
The Surface and The Core(Abu Tamaam), The Decieved Man(Ibrahim AL-Munthir)Poetry
Attaching Verbs to Pronouns, 3 Letter Masdr, Masdr with more than 3 lettersMorphology
An Introduction to Balagah, Different types of MetaphorsBalagah
VideoDownload ExampleMoosaa and Khadr (Hadeeth), We Gave Sulayman Understanding, Moosaa and Khadr(Quran), Dawud and the two who ArguedReadingLevel 5
Nieb al-Fai’l, al-Na’t, al-A’dad, Al-Badl, Al-Tawkeed, Al-Mafu’ul feehe, Al-Mafu’ul le Ajlehe, Al-Hal
The Pain of Separation(Abu Thayb al-Hathalee)Poetry
Bina al-Fi’l lil al-Mafu’ulSarf
Al-Ista’ra al-Makniyah wa al-Tasrehiyah wa al-TamtheeliyahBalagah
VideoRushing to Give Fatwa, The Companions of the Cave, Indeed in that is A SignReadingLevel 6
Al-A’tf, Nawasib al-Mudari’ wa jawazimuhu, Al-Tamyeez, Al-NidaGrammar
The Strangeness of The Truth and Its People, The Honor of Knowledge and its people( Abu Hasan Al-Jurjanee)Poetry
I’lm al-Ma’nee ( Al-Khabr wa al-Insha al-Talabee wa giru al-Talabee)Balagah
VideoDownload ExampleIndeed The Pharaoh Raised Himself High in The Land, We He Reached Full Maturity, When Moosaa Completed
The Time Period, When Moosaa Came To Them With Our Clear Signs
ReadingLevel 7
Al-Istithna, Kada wa AkhawatihaGrammar
Ismu Al-Fai’l, Ismu al-Mafu’ul, Seegatu Al-Mubalagah, Ismu At-Tafdeel, As-Sifat al-Mushabahah, Ismu Al-Mara, Ismu Al-Haya’hSarf
VideoDownload ExampleThey Came To Their Father In The Evening Crying, She Tried to Seduce Him, O Lord Prison Is More Beloved To Me, And That Is How We Established Yusuf In The EarthReadingLevel 8
E’maal al-Mushtaqaat, Ism al-Fi’l wa a’maluhu, E’maalu al-Masdr, al-Madhu wa at-Thamu, Thuna wa Akhawatuha, Al-Ebtidi be an-NakiraGrammar
VideoDownload ExampleBefore The Sending Of The Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, The Beginning Of The Revelation, The Spread of The Da’wah and The Pledge of A’qaba, Before The Battle of Badr, The Battle of BadrReadingLevel 9
Huruuf al-Jar wa ma’naha, Fathu wa Kasru Hamzatu In, Takhfeef In wa ba’du Akhawaatiha, La an-Nafiyat lil al-Jens, Takeed al-Fi’l be an-NuunGrammar
E’lm al-Badee’ (al-Muhasinaat al-Lufthia: as-Sja’ wa al-Jinaaswa al-Muhasinaat al-Ma’nawiya: At-Tawriya Al-Muqabilah wa At-TibaaqSarf
VideoDownload ExampleThe Battle Of Uhud, The Prophet Intercating With The Jews And The Polytheists, The Great Lie and Al-Hudaybiyah, The Conquest Of Makkah and What Happened Before The Conquest, The Battle Of Tabuk, The Farewell Pilgrimage and The Death OF The Messenger Peace Be Upon HimReadingLevel 10
At-Tanazu’, Khasaisu Kana, At-Tanween, Al-Huroof ah-Mushabah be Laysa, Al-IshtigaalGrammar
Awzan jumu’ qilla wa kathra, tathniatu al-Maqsur wa al-Manqus wal Al-Mamduud, Ma’ni Awzaan al-Af’al, An-Nasab, At-TasgeerSarf