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About the Program – Al-Forqan

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About the Program

About the Program

After graduation from this program, the student is able to:

  1. Speak clear and correct Arabic
  2. Interact with other students of knowledge
  3. Understand a large amount of what is said in the sittings of knowledge
  4. Do research in books about the Arabic Language and books concerning the Sharia
  5. Enroll in the Markaz Al-Furqan’s Teacher Preparation Program so he can be a teacher for those who are on a lower level than himself in the program
  6. Work in translating books

The Authors

A group of teachers who specialize in Arabic, Cultivation, and teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers has designed The Markaz Al-Furqan Program. These teachers are graduates from Egyptian Universities like Dar al-Uloom, The University of Adab, and The University of Cultivation/Education. These teachers have an abundance of practice from their semesters of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic Speakers and they have reached an extremely high level of proficiency in teaching and their experience has become extensive after years of educating non-Arabic speakers.

What makes this program stand out?

The Pace

The levels are designed in a way that they serve the students needs as he progresses through various levels of study.

Diversity of Content

The Program addresses everything that the student will need from Nahw (grammar), Sarf (morphology), and speaking. This helps the student to interact with the Arab community around him. Also, this program includes Balagah which allows him to understand Arabic poetry. The program also prepares the student to interact with the text of the Quran and Sunnah and allows him to read books of Aqeedah, Tafsir, and Seerah. He will also be able to understand the lessons of the scholars and read their books.

Practice Exercises

The program includes extensive and outstanding practice exercises for the student to complete.