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About the markaz – Al-Forqan

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About the markaz

About the Markaz

The Markaz aims to place the non-Arab student on the beginning of the path of understanding Arabic and speaking it in various situations making it easy to interact and live with Arabs. As a result of studying in the Markaz, the student is able to understand the speech of the scholars and attend the gatherings of knowledge and interact with other students of knowledge. Take for example the students in Menhaj An-Nubuwah University, they must know the Arabic language so they can continue their studies and benefit in their religion, and understanding the Arabic language will enable them to understand the creed of The Pious Predecessors, and to call to Allah upon Menhaj An-Nubuwah.

Who are we?

  • Markaz Al-Furqan: Center for teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers, and teaching recitation of the Quran and Tajweed
  • We worship Allah by following the Methodology of Ahlul-Sunnah wa Al-Jamaa’at and following the Quran and the Sunnah with the understanding of the Pious Predecessors. We also respect and honor the scholars of Ahlul-Sunnah and we seek direction by way of their speech and rulings. Ibn Sereen said, “ Indeed this knowledge is Religion, so look closely at who you take your religion from.”
  • Shaykh Muhammad Saeed Raslan oversees the Markaz and he directs the teachers and the students toward what is most beneficial for the student in his religion and knowledge
  • All of our teachers are students of Shaykh Muhammad Saeed Raslan
  • Our students attend the lessons of the Scholars of Ahlul-Sunnah wa Al-Jamaa’at
  • The instructors are Arabs specialized in the Arabic Language and are trained in how to interact with new students
  • We are fully aware of the linguistic needs of the student and we know how to fulfill those needs
  • We are fully aware of the psychology of the students and its limits and we’re aware of the hardships they experience in the non-Muslim lands and we take this into consideration
  • We are fully aware of the obstacles that students face upon the path of studying and we possess the tools to remove these obstacles
  • Don’t worry concerning your time, or your Arabic level, or the safety of your religion